Deep Fried Goodness

Fresh Cut French Fries $ 3.95

Home made Onion Rings $6.75

Sweet Potato Freies $7.75

Poutine $7.75

Made with Beef gravy and real cheese curds

We are not shy about the size of our poutine

Breakfast Poutine $13.95

Your choice of french fries or home fries

Beef gravy , cheese curds topped with 2 eggs , 3 pc bacon

drizzled with hollandaise sauce

Spicy Chicken Poutine $13.95

Chicken fingers bathed in red hot sauce

on top of your Poutine

your choice of ranch, blue cheese or chipotle drizzle

4 pc. Chicken Fingers & Fries $10.50

your choice of blue cheese , plum sauce or ranch dressing

Ankle Biter Chicken Fngers & Fries $5.75

2 chicken Fingers