Gage Park Diner

Breakfast  & Finger Licking Good Burgers. Seriously

Open Thursday to Sunday  9 to 2

We are dine in with limited seating  and take out 

Please be mindful of others.


We offer breakfast 

Some of our breakfast options are Vegan or Gluten free.

Due to Covin 19 we will be offering a limited menu 

All Day Breakfast  

Classic Breakfast 

Bacon & Eggs $6.75

Farmer Sausage & Eggs $7.95

Ham & Eggs $8.95

Pea-meal & Eggs  $8.95

Tofu Breakfast $6.75

your choice of 2 items , Tomato, spinach or avocado

Heck Ya $16.75

3 Eggs, bacon sausage , your choice of ham or Pea-meal 

 All the above include  Home-fries & Toast

Gluten Free $1.00 extra  

Rye Bread or English Muffin  .75 extra 

Extra and Sides

Home fries $3.25

Slice Tomato $2.00

Spinach $2.00

Avocado Slices $2.00

Fresh Fruit $3.95

Banana $1.00

Feta Cheese $2.00

Swiss or Cheddar cheese $1.00

Egg $1.25

Hollandaise Sauce $1.25

3 P.C. Bacon $3.25

2 P.C. Farmer Sausage $4.50

Ham $4.00

2 P.C. Pea-meal $4.95

Brown or White Toast 1.75

Rye Toast or Gluten Free $2.00



Served with home-fries 

Eggs Lenny $13.00

Eggs Flo $12.00

Eggs Avocado  $12.00


Our Pancakes are made from scratch 

100% Canadian Maple Syrup $2.95

3 Pancakes $9.00

Single Pancake $3.00

3 Mini Chocolate Chip Pancakes  $6.00

 3 Gluten Free Pancake Rice Flour $10.00

Sorry no single gluten free Pancake 

3 Vegan Pancake  Almond milk  Banana

$10.00.... no singles 

French Toast

Our French Toast is dredged in vanilla, cinnamon, sugar egg mixture

3 Slices French Toast $10.00

Single French Toast $2.95 Gluten Free French Toast $8.85


Vegetarian Hash $12.00

Black beans, corn , roasted red pepper, mushrooms,  tomato, green pepper home-fires 

topped with your choice or egg or avocado  

Add a side of scrambled tofu $3.00

Bacon Jalapeno Cheddar  Hash $12.00

Bacon, Jalapeno , cheddar, home-fries 

chipotle drizzle , topped with an egg


Coffee $2.75   

Tea $2.25

Large Milk $3.25

Small Milk $2.25

Large  Apple or Orange Juice $2.95

Small Apple or Orange  Juice $2.00

Large Grapefruit $3.25


If you have any allergies 

please let our staff know

We have some  activities for the big and small

our monkey in a barrel see the dish washer after they are used .

Due to Covin 19 - we can't share our toys ....

3 Egg Omelette

All omelette are served w/home-fries & toast 

English muffin or Gluten free extra $1.00

Mushroom & Cheese $11.00

mushrooms, Swiss or cheddar 

Florentine $11.00

Spinach & feta cheese 

Garden $11.00

Tomato, spinach , mushroom, green peppers

Greek $11.00

Spinach, feta cheese, black olives , seasoning 

Meat-lovers $12.00

Ham, sausage, bacon, cheddar cheese 

Breakfast Sandwiches

B.L.T $6.00

A.L.T. $6.00

P.L,T. $7.95

Western Sandwich $6.00

Breakfast Sandwich  $5.50 

Fried Egg Sandwich $3.00

Add a side of home-fries $3.00

Breakfast Club$12.00

Egg, cheese, peameal & BLT  

served W/ Home-fries 

Breakfast Wrap $8.95

Egg, bacon, cheese home fries 

What our customers are saying

Their all-day breakfast menu features a wonderful selection, including both gluten-free and vegetarian options. Some of the classic breakfast options include 3-egg omelettes, hashes, pancakes, waffles, and bacon and eggs. If anyone in your group is vegan, Gage Park Diner provides vegan options for both the pancakes and the hashes.

Not Breakfast starts at 11 am 


All of our burgers are topped with Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & Pickle 

 Classic Burger $10.00

Cheese Burger $ 11.25

Swiss or cheddar cheese 

Deluxe Burger $ 12.00

bacon & Cheese

Breakfast Burger $ 13.00

Bacon , cheese &over easy egg

Pig Skin Pete $13.00

Pea-meal & cheese

Bison Burger $16.95

garlic Alio 

Quinoa & Black Bean Burger $10.25

All burger(s) come with Fresh Cut Fries


Classic Grill Cheese  $8.25

Swiss or cheddar cheese 

Add Bacon or avocado $1.25 each 

Corn Beef of Rye $10.00

served W. coleslaw & pickle 

Reuben $11.25

served W/ coleslaw & pickle 

Turkey Cub $13.00

served W/ coleslaw & pickle 

Vegetarian Club $13.00

served W/ coleslaw & pickle  


Chicken Caesar Wrap $12.00

Spicy Chicken Wrap $12.00

Sandwich & Wraps come with Fresh Cut Fries 


Garden Salad

lettuce, tomato, cucumber , peppers

Small $5.50 Large 9.00

Caesar Salad

Lettuce, bacon, croutons, Parmesan cheese

Small $ 6.00 Large $10.00

Greek Salad

Lettuce, cucumber, tomato , olives, onion , feta cheese 

Small $ 7.75 Large $11.75

Beef Chili $10.95

Veg Chili $8.95

comes with toast 

Gluten free Toast $1.00 extra

Soup of the day $5.25

served with crackers 



Chocolate  $ 6.00      Strawberry $6.00     Vanilla $6.00

Peaches & Cream $6.75     Lemon Zinger $6.75     Mocha $6.75      Java $6.75       PB & J $ 6.95      Reese $ 6.95

Canned Pop $1.75

Coke   Pepsi   Orange  Grape   Root-beer    Ginger-ale   Diet Coke

All menu items are subject to change in price, no substitutions .....

Our Smoke Signal # 289-389-8333

Smile cause it suite you!